Advice to Startup Founders: Be Yourself (not too much)

Recap and full video of Belgrave Trust founder Nick Baily speaking about “Vision & Values” to a class of startup founders at the New York semester of Adeo Ressi’s Founder Institute, 2010.

In the many years I’ve known Adeo Ressi he’s never failed to be an inspiration, for sheer energy if nothing else, but also an unbounded optimism, bias towards getting things done, and a willingness to toss aside the old in favor of a vision of how things could be. So its no surprise that his most recent endeavor, the Founder Institute, a “school” (or bootcamp?) for startup founders, has grown so rapidly.

It’s a no-nonsense semester long class that takes in people at all stages, united only by their desire to be entrepreneurs. A crash course intensive, it covers direct hands-on issues and skills required to run a startup, as well as the intangible stuff that really matters but is rarely taught — like dealing with stress, or partners, and how to explain yourself and what you do (a message Adeo has a gift for delivering with brutal clarity, as this video makes clear).

So needless to say it’s been a blast to participate in this semester’s NYC chapter as a mentor, with chapter head Gabe Zichermann. I had the pleasure of presenting at the semester’s first formal class a few weeks ago, dubbed “Vision & Values,” about the big picture questions that face every founder as they get started.

Here’s the video, and there’s a link to the slides below. Also you can see this clip as well as the great presentations on the same night by fellow presenters Carter Cleveland ( and Gary Whitehill (NYEW) too via this Vimeo link

Belgrave Trust Founder Nick Baily Speaks at NY Founder Institute Session #2

Slides also viewable here, as PowerPoint and PDF

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